Eating from the native bowl

Healthy eating hacks that incorporate native, locally grown, seasonal produce (specific to India) that will help you realise your clean eating goals, help you eat more home cooked food and save you the time and money you spend on buying gourmet ingredients that travel the world before reaching your refrigerator. Find full recipes of all […]

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Banana berry loaf – yes, please

I’m always convincing my brain that banana bread is not the same as banana cake. But who am I fooling! Taking the classic banana bread up a notch, I often replace part of the sugar with maple syrup and cut the sweetness by adding some fresh strawberries. You could make this recipe the conventional way […]

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All you need is love & some brownie

He said ‘mamma, kek!’ So I had to make the world’s best brownies for my one in a million toddler! Prologue My 18-month old is already the biggest fan of my baking experiments. Until now, the hubby was always faced with the sensitive task of obligingly tasting the slightly pully bread, the slightly browned biscuits, […]

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