Must-have travel eye palette – NYX Lid Lingerie

I have to put this down in writing — NYX Professional Makeup is my all-time favourite drugstore brand. Over time, I have tried a lot of products from NYX starting with the soft matte lip creams when they first launched in India, to their primers (angel veil), lipsticks, slide on eye pencils (black sparkle is my favourite), slide on lip pencils (nude suede shoes is the perfect neutral-toned nude), and so much more. I have never been disappointed by a NYX purchase, discounting the odd occasion when I ordered a wrong shade of bronzer or concealer for my skin tone.


Today, I’m reviewing this really gorgeous matte eye shadow palette from NYX, aptly named as Lid Lingerie, inspired by the much-adored lid lingerie eye tints that were launched earlier.

NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette

In this palette, you get six creamy matte eye shadows that are velvety smooth, well pigmented and easily blendable. They come in a compact, sturdy pan with deep, wide individual pans. This is something you can easily throw into your purse when you are out and about. It’s handy (snugly fits into my small palms) with universally flattering shades that can be used to create at least a few unique looks.


The six shades are well suited to all skin tones, and overall, it’s a neutral warm-toned palette. The shades do not have names, and the palette doesn’t come with a mirror (bummer!). The shades include:
Top row — a cream (pink undertone), a dull lavender (least pigmented), a mid-tone rust
Bottom row — a dark brown, a rosy peach, a burgundy (brown undertone)

NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette
NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette – top row swatches, one swipe
NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette – bottom row swatches, one swipe

The peach and the lavender are both great as transition shades. All the shades except the dull lavender, swatch well without a primer. The lavender is also a bit cool-toned for my Indian skin and tends to make me look darker. So instead, I use the peach as a transition shade across my lid or as an overall lid colour to set down my eye primer.

The dark brown and burgundy in the palette are very similar on swatching and on the lids. I would have prefered a more true burgundy, a deep red tending towards purple rather than towards brown. But, that is just a personal preference. I’m all about plums and burgundys when it comes to shadows.


There is some inconsistency in the colour pay-off across the pan but that doesn’t bother me as the shadows are easy to pick up with a brush and build up quickly. There is some kick-off, but for the price and overall quality, I can discount that. Tapping off excess every time you dip in, should take care of the fall-out. The lasting power is 5-7 hours with a primer and a setting spray. A primer definitely enhances the application of the lighter shades.

This palette has 4 shades that are close dupes of the cult classic Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (which I do not own but have seen swatches and wish to invest in someday) — the cream highlight, the lavender shade, the peach and the dark brown.


I know this is meant to be a matte palette, but I certainly miss a shimmery highlight and tend to reach for my Morphe 35F or another powder highlight to finish off the brow bone and inner corners of my eyes. The cream highlight is just a bit boring and pale for my Indian skin. However, I do use it as a highlight when I’m using shimmery shadows on my lids. So, all is well. Porcelain and fair-skinned girls may get more wear out of the cream shade.

I would say that this is the perfect travel palette for work trips or daytime looks, and especially if you are just getting into eye shadows — because the price point is great, and the shadows blend without much effort. They are also not so insanely pigmented that you end up looking like a racoon, the moment you touch the brush to your lids. Such value for money too.

NYX products are generally of great quality and even though they aren’t a cheap drug store brand, they give you your money’s worth and then some. Nyx, as a brand, is always experimenting with new trends in the beauty industry and is every beauty blogger’s dream drugstore brand. This year, I plan to experiment with some more products from NYX and I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time, XOXO


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