Flip-flop state of mind

What this post is about: Packing a goof-proof and basic beauty, skin care and hair care kit for a vacation.


I hope you are sitting there and saying ‘You had me at vacation.’ Holiday season is fast approaching and it’s imperative that we start getting into vacay mood, revamping our wardrobes and getting sun ready. Whether you are heading to a ‘palm trees-coconuts-tanned skin-sunsets-hot nights-salty air‘ kind of vacay or a ‘wild roadtrip-mountains and dreamy valleys-lying beneath the stars-mushrooms in the woods-yoga mornings‘ kind of vacay, your lipstick and mascara need to go with you. Obv.



Let’s divide this into beauty, skin care, hair care and ‘side-kicks’. Because Superman needs Robin.

Beauty basics


  • A matt foundation for sweaty, humid weather or a light BB cream if you want to give your face a week off from make up
  • A concealer, ideally medium coverage – so you can build it up or keep it natural
  • A finishing powder – only if you have oily or combination skin
  • A bronzer and highlight duo – only if you really need it. If you plan on getting a tan, then skip this one
  • A blusher (not too nude, not too pink), because no look is complete without one
  • An eye shadow quad – choose smartly. Carry one that can take you from a day time look to a night-time smokey eye. One that has a matt black, dark brown, one highlight shade and one transition shade. If you choose wisely, you can give the eye liner/coloured eye pencil a miss. If you want to keep it simpler, just carry a shadow stick in one or two colours.
  • Kohl, because I don’t leave the house without it
  • Eyebrow pencil – if you need one. I have well-defined brows and a talented beautician who does my brows, so I could do without it. You could also use the dark brown shadow from your eye shadow quad to fill in brows.
  • A kick ass mascara – because on holiday, you can get away with a 3-product look; some BB, mascara and lip balm
  • Lips. Tricky one, this one. Definitely carry a hydrating tinted lip balm, one MLBB long-stay lip liner (mine is M.A.C Spice), and 3 lipsticks – one nude, one red and one trending fave. Come on, you can’t choose among your children so 3 is acceptable!
  • Perfume – you gotta choose one. Something that’s not too overpowering.

Skin care basics


  • Removing make-up – ideally carry a mini micellar water rather than a cleansing oil
  • Toner
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye cream, to cater for late nights
  • Body butter for dry skin types or a light-weight body lotion if traveling to humid temperatures
  • Sunscreen – depends on where you are going. If it’s not a sunny destination, the SPF in your BB should suffice

Hair care basics

  • Decant your shampoo and conditioner into small bottles, label and carry
  • Heat protection mist
  • Hair setting spray – absolutely crucial for humid weather
  • Hair serum for frizzy hair, again essential for humid climates
  • A flat brush – because if you want to do a classic brow dry, you will need at least 2 round brushes and a professional hair dryer. For me, that’s too much drama. I can easily get my hair to behave with a flat brush and a basic hair drier that hotels usually provide



  • Brushes – I have included brushes in this category because for the first 25 years of my life, I used my hands to do my make-up (even on my wedding day), so these are not really mandatory. But, if you had to carry them, then one stippling brush, one shadow brush and one common face brush should cover all bases
  • Nails – ideally, wear a long-stay nail paint and don’t carry any with you. But, if you had to, carry a nude colour that goes with all your outfits and carry some nail polish remover wipes.
  • Cotton swabs and soft flannels to remove your makeup. Honestly, you could use the face tissues provided in your hotel bathroom
  • Q-tips for smudging or cleaning make up mishaps
  • A razor if you don’t usually wax
  • A dry shampoo if you have oily hair that clumps up in 2 days
  • A mini hair dryer if your hotel won’t provide one
  • Cotton socks for your feet if you have very dry feet and need to moisturize overnight by covering them
  • Aloe gel, if you have sensitive skin that is angered with sun exposure, easily irritated with pollution or prone to allergies
  • Tweezers, if stray facial hair make grand openings
  • Sharpeners for any lip/eye pencils
  • Scissors, I always carry one with me and inevitably, people traveling with me always seem to need one. I carry a really tiny one which I can use to trim my brows if necessary


The list above is sufficient if you are going on a 7-10 day vacation. It should easily get you through morning walks, dress-up dinners or small adventures. If there is something else that you carry with you that I might have missed, leave me a comment down below. Would love to know!


Until next time, enjoy the process of holiday planning. Remember that your tan may fade over time, but the memories you make stay forever. XOXO



P.S: All the pictures in this post (taken on an iphone) are throwback photos taken from our last pre-baby vacation to Thailand (around this time 3 years ago). Most of our holidays after that have been quite chaotic, to say the least. These pictures bring back some really happy memories.


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