Brewtiful mornings


I open my eyes to the scent of filter coffee,
To the narrow beam of sunshine peeping through the window;
Anything for these lazy mornings where I can just lay in bed and be
Not a mommy, not anybody but a buoyant soul in silent, graceful limbo.

Stretching like a cat, groaning and rustling in bed,
Senses tingling with the rich scent of my morning brew,
Wishing for every morning to be so unhurriedly lead;
Wriggling my toes, breathing in this day anew.

Running five fingers through my hair, a happy tune on my lips,
Embracing a fleeting thought of gratitude, this chance at a new day,
Blessed are these mornings that glide devoid of any blips,
That dreadful race with time, or that chaos of domestic disarray.


But, today I have the time, to feel my body awaken,
To feel my senses revive, to feel my toes touch the floor,
To smell the air, the pleasant whiff of some toast, eggs and bacon,
To find solace in the absence of heady morning outbursts in store.

To think of nothing at all, to fill in no blanks in my mind,
Not leaving me wanting for thoughts that must wait for their time,
Inwardly smiling for I rarely know how to find,
The perfect harmony of mind and body, in tune and in rhyme.

Shaking away this lazy never land,
Of rainbows and unicorns, and such frivolous waste,
Letting go this taste of sweet surrender from my hand,
I ought to allow reality to check in with haste.


I presume I shall bolt right through the hustle of the day beyond,
But, there I see them grinning, my two darling boys,
Staring at me with wonder, with pixie dust and a magic wand,
And just like that, all my fears become a mushy goo of endless joys.

Then comes my filter coffee, served hot with a cookie or two,
An English breakfast with a side of steady morning banter,
How did I get so lucky with my little doting crew,
With priceless moments of sweet lovin’ and carefree laughter.

Brewtiful mornings like these — they make me believe,
Believe that the good life is this right here,
And although each morning ain’t a glorious, satin weave,
I yearn to live fully for the moments that truly endear.


For the love of morning hair and loose rag-old tees, the pictures in this post are me in my absolute natural environment!

This is a typical, lazy Subday morning at our place, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. How do you spend your Sunday mornings?

This is a bonus post as the women’s day post was published two days before schedule. The next one will come in five days, per usual! Until next time, XOXO

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  1. Made me grab a cup of coffee… beautiful ode to a sinful drink…

    Liked by 1 person

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