Don’t hide it. Period.

Let’s talk about the ‘period’ — says nobody in India. So, this Valentine’s Day let’s talk about a different kind of red. The most primitive phenomenon behind the source of our genesis, the ‘period’, is often associated with shame, embarrassment and secrecy. In a resolute attempt to break the menstrual taboo, The Better India campaign is working towards improving menstrual awareness, knowledge and hygiene in rural women, encouraging them to use clean, disposable sanitary wear.


The lack of clean toilets, affordability and accessibility to sanitary wear and insufficient knowledge with respect to menstruation, manifests itself in the health, education and work sectors of our rural society. The implications are deep, delving into the space of overall women empowerment.


#donthideitperiod is a bold and thoughtful campaign towards making the ‘period’ less of a social stigma, and more of what it actually is — just a ‘period’. Taking the most natural physiological phenomenon in the world from a place of embarrassment to a place of inspiration, NH1 design (a Delhi-based branding & design company) has created something unique and desirable out of an ‘ugh!’ sanitary pad. A candid and uninhibited designer twist to the deathly boring sanitary napkin packaging, NH1 design has done something nobody ever thought of — made sanitary wear look and feel awesome!


In fact, they encourage you (especially the men!) to take a ‘selfie‘ with the donthideitperiod sanitary napkin and post it on Instagram with a #donthideitperiod, and share a few unabashed words about your thoughts on the ‘period’. A whole new level of awesome. This is what our country needs. Some balls and some voices.



But, I digress. So, to continue — the box includes 10 sanitary napkins that come packaged in a brown, rather classy, cardboard box (reusable), inside which is a custom canvas bag printed aesthetically with beautiful blots of red. The sanitary napkins are superior in quality and each single pad comes enclosed with an honest, unreserved quote about the period.




Classy, fun and innovative, this brainchild is not just a show puppy — in fact, #donthideitperiod is a social initiative towards improving the health and menstrual hygiene of rural women in Rajasthan, India. 100% proceeds from the sale of these beauties go towards two charities — The Better India and Akhar Innovations. These two organizations together, aim to set up a manual factory in Ajmer (Rajasthan, India) that will manufacture and distribute cheap, biodegradable sanitary napkins. The initiative is aimed at making sanitary wear easily available and affordable to rural women, and making the ‘period’ a subject of pride rather than shame. It also aims to provide employment to local, rural women by training them to manufacture and distribute these low-cost napkins.



In time for you to watch a similar socially relevant film ‘Padman’, I hope this post will encourage you to make your next period a designer one. Get your box of inspiration today at Nykaa or at DontHideItPeriod and help make a small change. Embrace the period. Support the cause. Limited stocks only.


For more information, visit

Until next time, rock your PMS belly.

Afterall, it is just a period. Period.


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