What this post is about: Staying gorgeous on-the-go, whether it’s through traffic, long journeys or appointment hopping.

Looking like a gorgeous mess doesn’t happen by accident. Looking perfectly imperfect, finding balance in the chaos and owning the #bossbabe attitude takes careful preparation.


I am at my absolute worst when I have to keep up with a million tasks to accomplish, a million places to go and a million people to meet – all on the same day. My thoughts are all over the place, and I slip into a creative brain freeze. Reminds me of the cliché, ‘you are not perfect, but your outfit can be’.


So for all my #bossbabes hustling, parenting, travelling or just feeling hurly-burly, here are some hacks to help you look and feel like a million bucks on-the-go.

The LBD of beauty

I call it the little black dress of beauty – a basic beauty/refreshment bag that helps your hair and makeup stay intact. Let everyone believe that you’ve got it all under control.

Your basics ­– concealer, finishing powder (ideally with a mirror), hair serum, lipstick, hand cream, a perfume mini,  and a comb.

Rosewater mist – this will do multiple things – refresh and hydrate, calm irritated skin, set makeup and soothe tired eyes.


Hair-tie – just in case the weather acts up, your hair falls prey to humidity and ends up looking like a bird’s nest, refusing to behave. Keep these handy.


Outfit considerations

Flats – always carry a pair of flats if you think your sexy heel isn’t going to last all the hustle-bustle.

Outfit change – It may prove wise to carry an outfit change depending on the nature of your job (or the weather). Sweaty underarms, ketchup or mayo on your shirt, buttons bursting at the seams – not ideal scenarios for when the nerves are acting up.


Health and hygiene, before everything

Mints – whether you ate a burger with a lot of onions, smoked like a chimney or brushed your teeth more than 8 hours ago, mints will help you steer clear of bad breath.

Baby toothbrush and Colgate – this is the better alternative to chewing too many mints and smelling constantly like a walking-talking menthol addict. Also good if all the sugar in the mints is something you want to avoid. Did you know that a baby toothbrush cleans adult teeth much better than a normal one? Try it.

Paracetamol/Aspirin – stress and headaches are two sides of the same coin. I may be a firm believer in the power of healing with positive thought, but honestly, this is not the time to try it. A painkiller is going to keep you going till you get home to your bed. Especially, if the ugly menstrual cramps make an uninvited guest entry.

Food – something to munch is always a good idea. Store handy, healthy, fuss-free food in the car or in your bag. Energy bars (for me, it’s my mum’s Ragi laddoos), a packet of nuts, a fruit, some dates, or anything that gives you instant energy is an absolute must-have. Trash the chips, cookies and sweet treats — they slow down metabolism and make you feel sleepy and lethargic. Eat smart and don’t stay hungry.

Who can say no to chai and hot pakoras? #guiltyascharged

Feeling it in your bones

It’s not enough to look great; you must feel great in order to be the best version of yourself when the occasion calls. Before getting out of the car, in the washroom, or anywhere where you will not be disturbed for 3 minutes – close your eyes, compose your thoughts, speak to yourself, deep breathe and calm down. If you find it impossible to find such discipline, use an app like Headspace; they have SOS 3-minute modules for different stress situations. Take control.


Nerdy is the new sexy

Organizing your thoughts by listing them, making notes or revising them in your head, is the best way to feel confident and walk in your high heels – chest out, butt out. Gone are the days when nerdy was boring.


The TMI* category

Saving the best for the last!

Sweat pads – Don’t allow stress and sweat to ruin your clothes or put you in an embarrassing situation. Wear sweat pads under your arms, or on a hot humid day, carry a pair in your handbag.

Wet wipes – Food spillage, nasal boogers, or any sticky situation, wet wipes are the ultimate multitasters. Ask a mom what she would do without wet wipes!

Clotrimazole talc – For itchy or irritated underarms, girly parts (the jock itch for the male sex) or sweaty feet, a clotrimazole dusting powder absorbs extra moisture, tackles foul odour and helps you stay fresh on the go. It is also great for battling minor, chronic fungal allergies.

Breast pads – This is specific to breast-feeding mothers, and if you are one (or have been one), you know how messy and inconvenient it can be to have your clothes wet all of a sudden. Wearing breast pads can help (to some extent) cope with these situations presumptively.

Extra pair of panties – Self-explanatory!

Sanitary wear – Because, life screws you over when you least expect it.

*TMI – Too Much Information

Until next time, be a #bossbabe on-the-go. Because, Mondays belong to the go-getters! XOXO


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