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Review: Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons in 6 colours: Next Level Nude, Lacy Luck, Pink on Fleek, Jade Rose, Kiss and Tell and Call me Scarlet.

From left to right –Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons in Next Level Nude, Lacy Luck, Pink on Fleek, Jade Rose, Kiss and Tell and Call me Scarlet.

The pictures in this post are proof that I never expected to fall so madly in love with these crayons and do a review. Most of them have been sharpened a second time and aren’t brand new – in fact they have been used extensively. These crayons are all I have been wearing for the past couple of weeks and every few weeks I have added a new one to my collection.

From left to right –Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons in Next Level Nude, Lacy Luck, Pink on Fleek, Jade Rose, Kiss and Tell and Call me Scarlet.

These lip crayons come in a wide range of colours and every girl can find something to flatter her skin tone. The shade selection is so in tune with Indian skin tones that the reds, pinks and nudes will look gorgeous on most girls.

From front to back –Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons in Next Level Nude, Lacy Luck, Pink on Fleek, Jade Rose, Kiss and Tell and Call me Scarlet.

I rarely ever review a lip product because the beauty market is constantly brimming with so many new lip launches and although most products are okay, none really blow my mind. I believe that buying a M.A.C lipstick is a great investment because of its great quality, colour pay-off, lasting power and classic shade selection. You have got to believe me when I say that these finish a close second to the M.A.C ones, except that they have a limited shade selection (compared to M.A.C) and come only in a matt texture.

From front to back –Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons in Jade Rose, Kiss and Tell and Call me Scarlet.

Yes, they tick every category and surpass the M.A.C retro matte lipsticks in their formula – they are not as drying on the lips. You have to try them to feel the magic!

I’m struggling to put all my love for these crayons in words and don’t really know where to begin. Firstly, they are opaque in one silky swipe. I say ‘silky’ because, unlike a matt lipstick, these glide on effortlessly. No matter how pigmented your lips are, you get full coverage and complete colour pay-off in one swipe (maybe two swipes for the nudes). No creasing, no tugging and even colour application.

From left to right –Nykaa Matteilicious lip crayons in Next Level Nude, Lacy Luck, Pink on Fleek, Jade Rose, Kiss and Tell and Call me Scarlet.

They feel light weight, creamy and super comfortable on the lips. They go on like a crème sheen but set to a matt finish in a couple of minutes. A beautiful non-drying, non-flaky kind of matt that makes lips look fuller and well moisturized. They stay on for hours on end, easily through small non-greasy meals and are transfer proof to some extent (the only drawback if I had to be really picky!) My favourite part about wearing these crayons (other than the fact that I love the colours!) is that they feel invisible on the lips – meaning I can’t feel them but they are oh-so-there. Also, brownie points to Nykaa for including a crayon sharpener with each lipstick!

Now, let’s talk about the shade selection – absolutely fabulous. I started with the nudes and the pink, went on to buy Jade rose and finally ended up with the reds. I have explored all of the shades I usually love to wear; now I can’t wait for Nykaa to lauch a few more!

A note of caution, the reds tend to fade unevenly after a meal or after a couple of hours. If you plan to wear them for a night out, carry them in your purse for a touch up.

Next Level Nude

This is my gym lipstick (yes, I wear lipstick to the gym). It’s a pinky brown nude, definitely my MLBB colour.




Lacy Luck

This colour looks stunning on fair-medium Indian skin; it has a brightening effect on my skin tone. It’s a pale brown nude that may not be a complete nude colour for lighter skin tones.




Pink on Fleek

On me, this is a slightly cool-toned dull pink. Fantastic for days when you feel girly and want some colour in your outfit.




Jade Rose

This one is my personal favourite, though I rarely ever wore such a colour until I got this one. This one is hard to describe as it shows up differently on different skin tones. It is a dull deep pinkish-plum. This is one of those universal shades that looks great on everyone and compliments a lot of varied looks.




Kiss and Tell

A gorgeous dupe for the M.A.C D for Danger Matt lipstick, this dark bright pinkish-red is one of the most pigmented and long-lasting shades in the whole collection. Perfect for date nights and parties, it’s one of those classic shades that every girl needs in her makeup bag.




Call me Scarlet

Dupe Alert! And this one is jaw-dropping. This is as close as it gets to the M.A.C Retro Matt lipstick Ruby Woo. A cool-toned deep bright blue-red, only a real lippie fanatic will be able to tell the difference between these two. Call me Scarlet is just a little less bright and a little less blue-toned than Ruby Woo, but a great place to start if you want to try it before you buy Ruby Woo which costs 3 times as much as this. Considering that Ruby Woo is Retro Matt in finish, Call me Scarlet is definitely more hydrating on the lips, and the application is more even and more opaque. If you don’t already own Ruby Woo, get this now!




I’m sorry if you live outside India and can’t catch hold of these. I hope Nykaa begins to undertake international shipping soon! Until next time, wear nude lips and go to the gym! XOXO

Disclaimer: All products mentioned are bought by me with my own money. My reviews are neither sponsored nor biased. I review only those products that I deem fit to recommend to others, staying mindful not to exaggerate or undermine their quality, value and usefulness. This post does not contain any affiliate links. 

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  1. Kadambari says:

    Buying them now! Thanks.

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  2. Aparna Deb Kamat says:

    Thanks for this.. Loved the Jade Rose!!

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  3. Mahitha Reddy says:

    Absolutely loved this post of yours Devyani..The pictures are so beautiful,makes you wanna buy all of them.

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    1. Thanks! They are very good too. Im a loyal M.A.C cosumer when it comes to lipsticks but these are really great for s drugstore brand. Far better than many that cost more or belong to bigger brands. Need to encourage India beauty brands that are coming up with good stuff like this 🙂
      Glad u enjoyed reading. Thanks 💕


  4. Dia says:

    Nice review ! I was sad too because here in the US we can’t get nykaa but to my surprise, I came across amazon selling nykaa mattelicious crayons! 🙂

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    1. Thanks 🙌🏽 Thats great! I hope you can get your hands on them 🙂


  5. DayaMukherjee says:

    You should have faced the camera while showing the swatches. Hard to get the complete idea from a side profile. But helpful review, thanks!


    1. Thank you for the feedback, will keep that in mind. Glad you stopped by and that the review was useful. Cheers!


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