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Comparative Review: Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream and The Face Shop Daily Perfume Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom


Hand creams are a hand bag essential for me. Phone, keys, tissues, lipstick and hand cream are my top 5 must-haves. My dry skin screams for some TLC and hydration every time I wash my hands with soap (which is a few too many times considering I have a toddler who snacks all day long and loves making mud snakes!). Recently, I ran out of my two all times fave hand creams – the L’occitane Cherry Blossom Hand Cream and the Crabtree & Evelyn Nantucket Briar Hand Cream. I have been using these (or other fragrances of hand cream from these two brands) for years and I wanted to try something new.


I was on the hunt for a really nourishing hand cream that has a gorgeous lingering scent and one that doesn’t get crushed in my hand bag (which has everything from a lipstick to baby wet wipes). After discovering some game changing skin care from Korean beauty brands (some reviews coming up later this month), I wanted to have a go at their hand creams – one, because the packaging looked so photogenic and two, because they had such a great variety of fragrances to choose from.



I can never buy one of anything when I go shopping (does anyone else do that? Or am I the only weirdo?), so I got two – one from Innisfree and the other from The Face Shop. There is no such thing as too much hand food. Or too many lipsticks.

Let me do a quick review.

Innisfree Wild Berry Hand Cream

If strong, sweet smells turn you on, then this is going to be your kind of scent. I like more subtle fragrances so this one is way too sweet for my taste. It smells like a mix of berries in a smoothie, almost a bit artificial. The lid comes with a flip top which is unique for a hand cream and the tube is packaged in good quality, sturdy tin. The cream in itself is luxurious to apply – smooth, creamy and easily absorbed. However, I feel like my hands dry out in no time after applying this. I’m the kind of person who washes her hands every hour and goes nowhere without a hand cream, so for me, this is not hydrating enough. It may work for the day, but it’s not going to take you through the night – if you know what I mean.


The Face Shop Daily Perfume Hand Cream in Cherry Blossom

Can we just take a minute to appreciate the beautiful packaging? The watercolour cherry blossoms and the powder pink tube! This is a complete dupe for the very expensive cherry blossom hand cream from L’occitane that I now feel stupid to have bought a few months ago. But the cherry on the cake (see what I did there?) is that this one is definitely better than the L’occitane one.



It has a smooth, satiny texture that absorbs in seconds, leaving behind a non-sticky kind of moisture that doesn’t feel like sweaty hands. The fragrance is an absolute winner for me. Lingers when you go to bed with your hand under your head. Lingers when you wake up in the morning with the softest hands that deserve to be held. Keeping the romance of my rant at bay, this hand cream is one that I will definitely repurchase. They have several other fragrances to chose from if you aren’t the flowery scent lover. I much prefer these to the Innisfree ones, considering that both are priced equally.


In India, you can buy them online at Nykaa. Hoping and praying that some day soon, we have the pleasure of visiting a K beauty store in flesh and skin, in India.

Until next time, look after your hands. In them, you have the power to make happy people out of sad people. XOXO

P.S: More K beauty reviews coming this month. Watch this space.

Disclaimer: All products mentioned are bought by me with my own money. My reviews are neither sponsored nor biased. I review only those products that I deem fit to recommend to others, staying mindful not to exaggerate or undermine their quality, value and usefulness. This post does not contain any affiliate links.


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