Why Mehr is my spirit animal


I’ll start with a disclaimer: this is not so much of a review of the much-loved M.A.C Mehr, as it is my story of investing in the first ever M.A.C bullet I owned.

I belong to a simple, south-Indian family with humble beginnings, a family that believes in good education and a rooted value system. I am the proud wife of an Air Force Officer and the Hitler-like mom of an 18-month old toddler. For reasons that I may elaborate in another post, I am a homemaker. My hobbies span far and wide; any creative project in the horizon – and I’m all up for it. Beauty has always been something that fascinated me; a form of art in itself. But, my true passion for beauty was eminent when I began following Lisa Eldridge on You Tube and IG. She is a true-blood artist, transforming women with her effortless, natural style. My go-to online guru on a bad day at home.

Does something ever make you feel like anything is possible? Beauty does it for me.

Wearing M.A.C Mehr

M.A.C Cosmetics launched in India not very long ago (maybe a little more than a decade). Every girl who ever wore a lipstick was attracted to their spacious, sparkly, colourful stores with the big mirrors, the mind-blowing collection of cosmetics, and the in-house makeup artists! I bought some of their products at the time but they were mostly base-makeup related. I couldn’t justify the purchase of one M.A.C lipstick when I could buy a couple of drugstore ones for the same price. I walked by their lipstick counters with a nonchalant shrug, ignorant of their cult classics (Ruby Woo, Mehr and several others). I was a novice M.A.C enthusiast, a definite to-be junkie.


My extremely hormonal, acne-prone, sensitive skin rejected everything I bought at M.A.C – foundation, concealer, mineral powder etc. The one lip glass that I owned was stolen on a train ride. By now, I had run out of steam with the M.A.C makeup fixation. And for many years that followed, I never looked back. I tried other foundations, loved other lipsticks, and found the perfect skin care. I grew out of my teens, my skin stopped breaking out and I found the love of my life (the man I married, not a M.A.C lipstick). Every girl’s gotta look flawless on her big day, and so my hunt for the  perfect makeup artist began. One day, as I was passing by the M.A.C store, I stopped to ask the always-gorgeous makeup artists if we could do a trial session. I had nowhere to go that evening, so with my M.A.C makeup on, looking like a million bucks – me and my bestie (who kept going “you look gorgeous Dev”) went for a stroll in the park. It was a unanimous, unspoken, telepathic decision – that this will be my makeup look for the wedding day.


I’m grateful for Sabrina (my makeup artist) who made me look exactly like I wanted to when I tied the knot and married the man I love to this day. Like a painter working on his magnum opus, she created the most beautiful smokey eye and pinky nude lip. Filled with awe, I asked her what lipstick she used and she said ‘Oh, this is Mehr!’

Mehr stayed on my mind for many months to follow. I can’t tell you why I didn’t buy it then because I don’t know. Being married, moving to a new city, adjusting to the Defence life, setting up my first home – these things were keeping me busy. Priorities changed. Seven years and many lipsticks later, I rediscovered Mehr while watching a beauty blogger’s M.A.C lipstick collection. During the same time, I met Sabrina again while she was on an assignment doing a close friend’s wedding makeup. Suddenly, my love for Mehr was reaffirmed, rekindled. It was deja vù. My bestie (who strolled with me in the park, remember?) looked absolutely stunning in the aforementioned close friend’s wedding wearing Ritu Kumar and owning Ruby Woo like a pro! The universe was giving me all these signs. Like I didn’t know it by heart already, I googled images and reviews of Ruby Woo and Mehr. Nothing new to discover. Ruby Woo – bright, vivid, true red; Mehr – cool-toned nude pink. Dum di di dum, dum di di da. I went to the store to swatch them for the millionth time. It made my friends and family wonder if I had lost the plot. This obsession had to be curbed or given into.


So one night before going to bed, I made up my mind. For the next few months, I would invest in my wish list of M.A.C lipsticks. There, I had done it! I had given in to temptation. And yet, I probably had the most peaceful 9 hours of sleep that night. On the following weekend, I visited the M.A.C store and bought Ruby Woo and Mehr. I came home proudly walking the walk of shame, holding the two black bullets close to my heart. Truth be told, I have never once regretted bringing them home with me.


You may wonder – what is the big deal; it is just a lipstick after all! Yes, I agree. But, I am a perfectionist and until I am sure as hell that I really really want and need something, I do not invest time and money into it. M.A.C lipsticks are still very expensive in India and fall under the luxury bracket. I could buy 5 lipsticks or a baby car seat at the same price. That is how I weigh my options. Everything else (baby, home, travel) always takes priority over buying makeup. That is the absolute reality of life (at least mine). A middle-class layman would consider buying a luxury lipstick a hollow, hyped, materialistic purchase. Not everyone is like you and me, swooning over nude lips that look exactly like the lips that nature has so graciously blessed us with. You see, it sounds ridiculous! I can almost see my husband letting out an incredulous gasp!


That being said, these lipsticks are the whole package. The mother of all lipsticks. The absolute bomb. They are pigmented, long-wearing, unique colours that suit every skin-tone, every occasion, every outfit. I always carry Mehr with me in my handbag, a tangible reminder that anything is possible. It is my perfect shade of pinky nude and by far my most worn lipstick of all time. If I was stuck on an island with one lipstick, it would be this one. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why I would need lipstick if I were cast away on an island – unless Harvey Spectre from Suits was stranded there along with me. But we could talk about that in a whole different kind of post! Anyway, my point is that I am mindful about recommending my choices to others and if I swear by Mehr, it’s really something.


To date, I own only four M.A.C lipsticks. A lot of research and swatches later, I may plan to invest in a few more (Vegas Volt will be next), and I will keep you posted!

Wearing M.A.C Mehr; shown in the picture (from L to R) are M.A.C Mehr, M.A.C Relentlessly Red, M.A.C Flat out Fabulous and M.A.C Ruby Woo

Comment down below if you have any recommendations for brown-skinned MAC junkies like me.

Until next time, stay gorgeous. XOXO

Disclaimer: All products mentioned are bought by me with my own money. My reviews are neither sponsored nor biased. I review only those products that I deem fit to recommend to others, staying mindful not to exaggerate or undermine their quality, value and usefulness. 

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  1. Bindu says:

    Read all the articles Dev.. Super good writing, interesting and inspiring😘 U spoke most of my mind most of the time. You are too good at words . Looking forward for the next post. Oh what could it be? I hope to see you back in your food blog . Missing it.


    1. Thank you so much! So happy to get some feedback. Yes, I plan to include home and food posts too. There will be some old recipe faves coming up in the next month. I try and post every 5 days. Follow for updates 🙂 thanks again. Love. Dev.


    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed reading it!


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