Falling for the ‘Fall into Frost’ palette


Very recently, I was browsing through some old Zoella beauty videos where she highly recommended the Morphe 35F Fall into Frost palette. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It was me in an eye shadow palette. As Morphe Brushes don’t retail in India, I had to ask a friend to bring it for me. It took a while, but it was well worth the wait! I wondered why so many of us didn’t know about it or why nobody spoke about it in India. It is such an underrated product. And so, my first review based blog post is dedicated to this absolutely gorgeous, beautifully crafted eye shadow palette that I’m totally crushing over and can’t stop using.

My messy, well-loved palette
I want to keep my reviews short and to the point, so here goes. This palette has 35 unique warm toned eye shadows with 7 mattes (yes, there is a matte black) and 28 shimmers mainly in the brown, cranberry, magenta, plum, gold and copper colour range with some highlight shades in the top row. They are insanely pigmented (the mattes less than the shimmers), easily blendable, soft and creamy, and pressed to perfection with excellent colour pay off that has a lasting power of 4-5 hours without a primer. Using a wet brush with the dark shades is ideal for lining waterlines, doubling the intensity of the pigment. They have almost nil fallout and that is commendable for a palette that has a majority of shimmers.

Morphe 35F Fall into Frost palette
Morphe 35F Fall into Frost palette
Morphe 35F Fall into Frost palette (Columns 1-4)
Morphe 35F Fall into Frost palette (Columns 5-8)
The palette has a diverse mix of overall lid shades, some mid-toned crease shades and a lot of darker shades for smokey looks or defined eyes. The formula of these is very buildable so you could go subtle or go crazy depending on your style. Many of the darker shades can be used as eyeliners and the highlight shades can be used for the cheekbones, nose or any part of the face that you want to emphasize. They are easy to use for novice beauty junkies in the sense that they are quite forgiving and mistakes can be blended effortlessly to mask any shaky hand amateurs. The matte shades on their own can be used for day-time wear. The colour selection among the shimmers is so varied that you could go from a subtle romantic look to a dramatic night-time look with just this palette in hand. Experiment with these shadows and you will fall in love with them again and again!

Plum-eye look using Morphe 35F
Plum-eye look using Morphe 35F
These shadows are almost organic to Indian skin tones; mindfully chosen to flatter pale-to-medium-to-deeper Indian skin. The cranberry shadows in the third row are my absolute favourites, but tread with caution here. They can enhance the appearance of any redness or rashes you might have and can make you look sick if you use too much. I always keep a q-tip dipped in micellar water handy when I do my makeup. Helps to correct mistakes without ruining your base makeup. A quick touch up with some concealer and you are good to go.

Morphe 35F: Row 1 – Highlighters
Morphe 35F: Row 2 – Shimmers (golds, coppers, silvers)
Morphe 35F: Row 3 – Shimmers (cranberrys, plums)
Morphe 35F: Row 4 – Shimmers (browns, some pinks)
Morphe 35F: Row 5 – Mattes (includes a matte black)
I have swatched these on my fingers only once (twice for the mattes) and look how pigmented they are! All photographs are taken in natural, indirect sunlight. So the colours you see here are quite precise.

If I had to pick a favourite from all these babies, it would be the 2nd pan from the 2nd row (starting left to right). It is this gorgeous gilded olive gold shimmer with probably the strongest pigmentation in the whole palette. Smokey eyes, here I come.

Plum-eye look using Morphe 35F
I did a plum eye look for this post using 3 shadows from the palette – a skin-toned matt for the overall lid, a deep pinkish-plum shimmer for the crease and for lining the eyes (both lash lines), and a subtle highlight shade for the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone (Morphe don’t have shade names so see pictures below for details). On my lips, I’ve got the NYX soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo; I think it complements the eyes. For a day look, I would suggest any MLBB shade of your choice.


Plum-eye look: overall lid shade
Plum-eye look: crease shade
Plum-eye look: highlight shade
For those who own this palette already, tell me what looks you create with these. For those who are now tempted to own it, leave me a comment down below if you would like to see me create new looks using this palette.

As always, thank you for being here. I will be back soon with some more TLC and probably a rambly post next week. Until next time, stay gorgeous inside out. XOXO

Disclaimer: All products mentioned are bought by me with my own money. My reviews are neither sponsored nor biased. I review only those products that I deem fit to recommend to others, staying mindful not to exaggerate or undermine their quality, value and usefulness. 

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